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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I am a bird lover and new on this forum.
  2. Budgie Behavior
    Hi there! I'm minding my cousins baby Quaker (Monk) parrot for a week, and my budgie Ace is acting...strange? Even though we have two budgies, I only bring one out at a time when playing with Ringo. Houdini is pretty aloof, and they don't really interact. Ace on the other hand is very...
  3. Other Birds
    Just posting for some information as I can't find this conversation elsewhere. I have two budgies and I've just recently got a 2 year old kakariki parrot. I did the whole quarantine thing along with some cage sorting and I now have Kakariki (Mango) in a very large cage and the two budgies...
  4. Other Birds
    :wave1: Hi guys! Just wanted to know if anyone here have any parrotlets and what has been their experience with them! I am, for sure, not even close, to getting one any time soon, but I want to expand my flock in the future, and a parrotlet would be the next birdie I would want to get! So, don't...
  5. Other Birds
    Hi I am looking at getting a ring neck parrot and I am unsure if it is a scam. I think it might be one as when I searched it into google images, the pictures from the gumtree ad are on there, does anyone have any tips on how to be sure? Thanks, Dan.
  6. Budgie Videos
    Smokey takes a bath and Gizmo just drinks the water.. Hope you enjoyed haha :)
  7. Budgie Videos
    Budgies Eating Broccoli - YouTube I haven't posted in so long! Im sorry. But heres a cute little video of my budgies eating some broccoli
  8. Budgie Videos
    :DSo we buy 5$-15$ toys but whats their favourite? String. :S Oh well at least they're happy Budgies Love String! - YouTube
1-8 of 25 Results