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  1. Breeding Journals
    Phoebe and Karl. Phoebe and Karl have been mating since May 16. Egg #1 Sunday 5/24, egg #2 yesterday (Tuesday 5/26). Yet this morning, they were still mating (Wed 5/27)... They seem to be enjoying it. Phoebe sits very still on the perch with her eyes closed and head tilted back while Karl...
  2. General Budgie Talk
    Other than as chicks birds with mama and papa... they have little sense of family. Here is proof... LOL in the big cage: Seafoam and grandmother Phoebe argue. Swinger, Phoebe's son, and Seafoam's uncle, stays a strategic :D distance away.
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    Hi- Anyone else have a surprise color outcome?? Look at this pic: Papa is Tim (Lower Left) Mama Lemonade (is on my avitar) Two Yellow Birds. There is a touch of pale green on Tim's Back We have 3 hatchlings. When the biggest and noisiest...