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  1. Budgie Pictures
    Hello All! Hopefully below are some photos of her from Day 1 31st May to now 30th July BB was an unwanted little scared budgie, a boy who is actually a girl...and you kindly told me she is a skyblue yellowface violet factor I believe? And she may become more green when she moults? She was...
  2. Budgie Pictures
    It's time for an album of my cuties nibbling on things :D Let's start with the millet they just had! That's right, just having some nibbles of millet~ But after they were stuffed and all tired and yawned and got all comfy for a little nap!
  3. General Budgie Talk
    Time for the sexing, because I keep hearing different things! The previous owners told me that the breeder sold them as males. And I assumed a breeder would know the gender, even if their ceres are not dark blue and seeing as Ludwig is a bright mutation I figured it's normal. Here are some...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    My little monster was given a nice spray down and left to dry among the laundry on the clothes horse! He was not pleased. Well Tanjiro, I have to kiss that beak of yours and I am not kissing it after it's been there!
  5. Budgie Pictures
    So those of you have read about Raz's recent 2 day food strike (Here:"Raz isn't pooping" thread). It was due to not getting enough seed as I switched him to pellets too soon. Here he is eating happily again now that I removed the pellets :). Also I got some funny (though very blurry pics) of...
  6. Budgie Pictures
    Here are a couple of pic's of snowdrops play area updated from my older post :) Many more toys have been added :D
  7. Mutations and Genetics
    Yesterday I brought home this beautiful budgie that I named 'Nana (Banana). I was wondering if someone would mind helping me out with what type of budgie she is. But before you reply, I just want to ask that when you tell me each different character that she is, that you would tell me how you...
1-7 of 27 Results