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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    Help with mutation and gender? Hi all! I am new to this forum and would really love some help and opinions on my current clutch :) They are 5 weeks old I have had a numerous amount of opinions on the pied baby, but would love to know what you guys think? I am still learning about mutations...
  2. Mutations and Genetics
    Rumor has it that recessive pied budgies have weaker immune systems.. is it true? :(
  3. Mutations and Genetics
    I using a genetic calculator to check random combination:ps when i realized there could also be a df clearflight pied:eek: i know there are df dominant pieds and how they look but i was wondering how would a df clearflight pied would look.... i read this thread but there is nothing about the...
  4. Mutations and Genetics
    Can anyone help identify my budgies? I read the mutation guides on Cute Little Birdies Aviary, but there were some attributes that fell into both categories. All of my budgies have iris rings and pink feet. Thank you. :)
  5. Mutations and Genetics
    Hello experts in color mutations, Until today i thought i know a bit about the genes mutation but now i am totally confused again. 2 pied budgies are supposed to have most of the offspring to be pied, but only 1 of the babies got pied with all the markings. Nada the mom is around 2 years old...
  6. Mutations and Genetics
    Okay, so I've been looking about the internet trying to determine the mutations of my two Budgies. I believe I've got it cracked finally; I'd like some conformation though. I have two Budgies one female (Herb) and one male (Spice). I used this website -...
  7. Mutations and Genetics
    Not the greatest pictures in the world of her, but I tried. Can you tell from these? Also her age? I am thinking 6-8 months, but honestly I have no idea!
  8. Mutations and Genetics
    Hey, y'all! Can anyone tell me if my budgie Widget is a dominant pied or a recessive pied? I was recently told that "she" is a "he", which confused the heck out of me, and now I'm curious as to the mutation, because I'm told that affects cere color. Here is a pic:
  9. Mutations and Genetics
    i am still new to all the genetics and am just starting to understand it all. but one thing i am having a hard time grasping is the pied gene. in dogs, with pied the amount of white on the parents indicates the amount of white on the pups. breed 2 almost all white dogs with very little color...
1-9 of 15 Results