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  1. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello, I recently took my boys to the vet (to get a bruised cere looked at). As a follow up to my other post a few days ago about the bruised cere: both boys are fine! However, my vet did mention that Caesar was a bit heavy (39 grams..1 gram away from "overweight"), and that Petrie (for being...
  2. Recipe Exchange
    Hi guys, so I wanted to share the recipe of this delicious soup that my mum makes (I'm half Greek, her side :)). Since moving out I had to get the recipe off of her so I can indulge in it. :P It's winter now here in Aus so I just made a big pot of this for myself and my partner for tonight's...
  3. Recipes of foods for Budgies
    Hi everyone, I'm really keen to try these seed bells: Homelife - How To Make A Birdseed Bell But altering it as was previously suggested in another Talk Budgies topic from a few years ago from FaeryBee: "Making seed bells for our budgies might be fun. I'd substitute a budgie seed mix instead...
1-3 of 5 Results