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  1. Diseases and Illnesses
    hello! i recently noticed my female (presumably) budgie, Chip, has a scaly face with visible holes around her beak. I feel so terrible for not noticing this sooner, I feel so bad. I have researched this online and am pretty certain this is scaly face mites. which treatment is best? I know...
  2. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello everyone! Around 2 weeks ago I noticed that my budgie's beak has become looking rough and scaly (I assumed it's scaly mites). I quarantined him from my other budgies and I went to a local vet for advice. He was kind enough to give me a bit of ivermectin for free and told me to use one...
  3. Your Budgie's Health
    Hey, I'm a first time bird owner so im new to this. Here is a picture of my baby. I was told its a female of 3 months. A week after getting her home, her beak is this way since more than a month now. Is it fatal? Otherwise, she seems healthy, eating and drinking. Kindly help me out. Cheers!
  4. Diseases and Illnesses
    A few days ago I noticed my budgie bluebell's beak had some crusty stuff formed on it and I'm still unsure if it's scaly mites or something else. He's acting normal and is behaving like his usual self. Also I read that sometimes budgies molt their beaks and he's been having an extremely long...
  5. Follow-up Center
    We're not sure but suspect our young budgie may have scaly face mite. We are treating with Avimec however haven't seen any improvement - the bottom half of his cere and top of his beak are affected. Instructions say treat for 3 weeks which is this week. I am wondering whether he may have...
  6. Your Budgie's Health
    Hey guys! I've been lurking around here for a long time. It's such a great place for knowledge. I currently have 4 budgies...this is Gummy. And I'm not sure if he's just molting (I'm pretty sure he IS molting) or if he is and also has scaly face mites? Or any other kind of mites? None of my...
1-6 of 11 Results