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  1. Determining Gender
    So I've had this budgie(she/he is about 5 or 6 months I think) for a month and a little and she/he has been verry friendly, chirips a lot and i even taught him/her to mimic the sound of small kisses(likes to kiss my finger🥺) and likes to chew a lot(I've heard this is mostly female behaviour) At...
  2. Determining Gender
    Hi! I am interested in purchasing this budgie. I only have the photos from the vendor, so apologies if they aren’t very clear photos. I would like to know two things. Is it male or female? And second, is it a lutino budgie? Thanks in advance.
  3. Housing for Budgies
    hello everyone! I am the proud mama of 2 6-week old English budgies. I know post-attachment that I should have just gotten 1 at a time, but since I can't (and won't) change that now I was wondering if it would be best to put them in separate cages to make training and bonding to me easier? Would...
1-3 of 42 Results