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sexing budgie
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  1. Determining Gender
    Hi! I am interested in purchasing this budgie. I only have the photos from the vendor, so apologies if they aren’t very clear photos. I would like to know two things. Is it male or female? And second, is it a lutino budgie? Thanks in advance.
  2. Housing for Budgies
    hello everyone! I am the proud mama of 2 6-week old English budgies. I know post-attachment that I should have just gotten 1 at a time, but since I can't (and won't) change that now I was wondering if it would be best to put them in separate cages to make training and bonding to me easier? Would...
  3. Determining Gender
    Hi! I also need help identifying the sex of this young budgie. (It is a young budgie based on the bars, right?) I'm sorry if the picture is not great (it was taken by the breeder). I've been told it's a male, but the white in the center of the cere has me wondering. All the best (and thanks in...
  4. Determining Gender
    Have a few photos of my DF dominant pied parakeet (5-6 months) and a normal parakeet (4-5 months) :blue pied::cobalt: I was wondering what are their genders? Their age are predicted, forgot to ask how old they are when I adopted them in the pet store.
  5. General Budgie Talk
    I thought I would join this forum as I am now an owner of two lovely budgies called Smuggler and Treasure! I think the wealth of information on the forum will really help with caring for them! I have been lucky enough to spend time with them since they were only weeks old, as my Dad's budgies...
  6. General Budgie Talk
    Hello, My budgie Skittles is a chirpy little fellow who likes to socialise by chatting to you and dancing around the cage. Over two/three years ago when he was about six months we have visitors come stay at ours for three weeks (They also had a highly autistic son who was fascinated with him)...
  7. Diseases and Illnesses
    I've adopted a new budgie but training went out the window due to mite treatment. So My mum came home with a budgie a few months ago. Some ladies brought him there in a box as they found him stuck in a bus shelter. RSPCA wouldn't come so my mum took him in as we had seeds for my cockatiel. We...
  8. General Budgie Talk
    This is Sammy and s/he is seven months old. This is Toby, and s/he is also seven months old. I don't know whether or not they are related. They came from different stores, but one store gets birds from the other. Sandy
  9. General Budgie Talk
    I was wondering what the sex of my blue budgie is. Trevor (green) is a male, but I am not sure about the blue one. Help please:) First time bird owner
  10. General Budgie Talk
    Hi, I think my budgies a girl but, been reading up about recessive males and stuff and now not 100% sure. I haven't got a pic, so I drew one myself :proud: She/He has a darkish pink beak with a few white lines and dots in the centre of her/his cere. My guess for her/his age is about 6-7 months...
  11. General Budgie Talk
    Hi these two are both 9 week old budgies that are being rehomed and I am consider getting, however the current owner states "they are to young for me to tell what sex they are." I would like to get some insight on the genders though. I think I can see some white on the cere of with the...
  12. General Budgie Talk
    When I bought them I was told that that Petsmart was an all female store but after research online, I am now doubtful.:cool:
  13. General Budgie Talk
    Hello Everyone, Please could you take a look at Echo (left) and advise if you think he/she is male or female? Zeus was a little older than Echo when we had him and he had a definite blue cere - Echo's is in-between colours I think... Many thanks in advance :budgie: x
1-13 of 41 Results