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    Hi, I am quite new to this, but I really need help with my budgie Kiwi. She will be 3 in six months and lives in a cage with a male budgie. They mainly have seed and fresh veg/ fruit diet. She has been having watery droppings for about a week, but she was acting very normal, playing, chirping...
  2. Follow-up Center
    Joey was completely fine this morning until around 2pm when he was in his cage and I noticed him eating something which he didn't seem to like and spat it out. A few hours later, he was outside his cage near me, and started 'regurgitating' his seeds and then flicking his head and spitting seeds...
  3. Follow-up Center
    I have 2 budgies currently, one female one male. The female with me for about 2 years, the male one year. Today I realised he was very wobbly, he will slowly rock back and forth when he stands on my finger. He is untamed, so I was quite surprised that he let me pet him, but I don't know if he...
  4. Budgie Pictures
    I wanted to pose him with my new dress, which is a 50s swing dress and is a lovely shade of blue. He didn't really like it but hung around for a photo anyway.
1-4 of 10 Results