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  1. General Budgie Talk
    Hi, I have 2 budgies, both male. I'm going on a trip soon which will be from 30-40 days. I usually let my budgies out to play, and they love going on swings. I will be leaving in a month or two, and I'm not sure if I should let them out everyday like I usually do so they can enjoy it before they...
  2. Housing for Budgies
    My new budgie Lapis doesn't currently use a swing to sleep, this weekend I'm hoping to introduce my older budgie Charlie into the cage, he only uses a swing to sleep, I'm thinking he might influence Lapis to sleep on a swing. there's just a cheap swing in Lapis's cage now, not that he uses it...
  3. Budgie Pictures
    Hi All Sharing our birds pics and cage setup. Perches, swing, tent, cage cover all made by my wife and me :) cheers!
  4. General Budgie Talk
    As I've posted before, Sammy has a chewing problem (particularly with cotton and shiny metals) so he can't have anything in his cage except: wood, stainless steel, plastic, and paper. He has a cotton perch with a bell, but he only gets to play with it outside of his cage and under supervision...
1-4 of 10 Results