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  1. Budgie Videos
    So syrup has decided that he'll only take baths in our hands! Can't say we're complaining because it's way to cute! :yellow face 2:
  2. Budgie Videos
    Hey Everyone, I don't post on here enough but we filmed a short clip of Syrup loving Monikah's pen. :laughing: I hope you enjoy this video and I'm going to spend more time posting and watching other peoples videos too! I want to become a more active member :D
  3. Budgie Videos
    It's been a while since I've posted anything but this is too cute to not share. Syrup loves head scratches and only ever lets Monikah give her head scratches. I'm never aloud to do it. :mad: But it sure is cute. :D
  4. Budgie Videos
    Hey Everyone! Totally new to post in this forum but not new to reading it. My fiancée and I just got a budgie. I had budgies when I was young but it's really been years since then. We've decided to film the process of having a budgie and post the videos to youtube. If everyone likes them...
1-4 of 4 Results