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  1. General Budgie Talk
    Hey budgie peeps, So I'm looking to rehome my budgie Henry. His friend died in November and I think he's lonely without him. Henry is going to be 5 sometime this year and he's very friendly and curious. He's very sociable and loved to play and sing with his old friend and I just want him to have...
  2. General Budgie Talk
    The National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation is holding its annual show on the 26th, at the Houston Airport DoubleTree hotel. I mention it because this year's special focus is budgies! Parrot Festival Schedule I have no commercial relationship to the show, but I'm gonna be there...
  3. Lost and Found
    So, this budgie just showed up outside, perched on the railing, so we've taken it in, with our other two. Anyways, he's for sure a pet, seeing as how Texas is half-way across the globe from where they belong. Poor thing wouldn't leave the food bowl for the longest time! Required! Please fill...
  4. Lost and Found
    I volunteer at the Austin Wildlife Rescue and we have recently gotten in two female parakeets. I was going to bring the first one home, but then the second came in and they bonded, so I don't want to separate them. On Saturday morning, I will be running them over from the rescue to Zookeeper...
1-4 of 4 Results