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  1. General Budgie Talk
    Specifically using trying to find safe materials such as string/wood/bells/etc and would really appreciate it (assuming its okay) if some could help me look and link them here. thanks in advance
  2. Budgie Behavior
    Hi everyone. I've had my budgie "Marvin" for almost a year now. He's been a complete sweetheart most of this time, except for now he has a very unhealthy relationship with toys and I'm not sure what to do. Ever since I gave him his first toy (a shreddable one) he's been absolutely in love with...
  3. Budgie Behavior
    Hey everyone! I'm after a little bit of advice about my female budgie Nimbus. She is approximately 18 months old, give or take, and when we first got her we bought two budgies. Unfortunately her mate died suddenly about 6 months ago. Over the last ~3 weeks, she seems to have bonded/mated...
  4. Taming and Bonding
    So as the title says, my budgies wont sit on certain perch rings that I bought for them. They are 4 budgies in a fairly large cage (30x20x50in). I used to have just 1 ring perch which they would all take turns on, so I decided to buy 3 more. They only had 2 rings at the store, so I bought a...
  5. Budgie Behavior
    I was rearranging bird toys today and it really dawned on my that Budgies take a little bit longer to get used to new toys than my tiels. It's like the processor in those tiny brains of theirs works slower. Meanwhile, in most cases, I can stick a new toy into my tiel's cages with minimal fuss...
  6. Your Budgie's Health
    Hey! I just bought these toys for my budgies and I noticed they were nibbling on the threads is that safe? This was made for budgies so I assumed it was safe
  7. Housing for Budgies
    Hi, I have recently acquired two male budgies and while I have purchased a few basic toys, I am getting a much larger cage in a couple of days and will have the opportunity to give them many more perches and toys. There are so many different toys out there, I'm looking for advice on what kinds...
  8. General Budgie Talk
    Our local bird club has posted a great PDF booklet by Kris Porter all about parrot enrichment with great ideas and photos! It's free for all parrot owners. Enrichment Book by Kris Porter OF course, for our budgies, there will be lots of scaling down of things (size wise) but I got so excited...
  9. General Budgie Talk
    What is your budgie's favourite toy?
  10. General Budgie Talk
    I used an ornament hook to pull the cloth through the holes. I hope they like it! :) Update: They are playing with it a lot! I just can't get a pic right now because they seem to stop when I get too close! I'll continue to try to capture it though!
  11. General Budgie Talk
    Hi! I gave my budgies a corn cob toy I bought, and they torn it apart. I got the same kind again for them but they won't touch it! I don't want them not having a toy they love as much as that!
  12. General Budgie Talk
    I bought a toy for my budgies to sit/sleep on. It is supposed to be hung at the top of the cage so it sits in the air. At first my father hanged it with thin black wires. At first everything was fine, the toy stood steady and my budgies loved it. But then I noticed that they kept biting the wire...
  13. General Budgie Talk
    Hi guys! I really need some ideas for budgie toys and perches. Right now I bought a new cage for them, and it only has two perches and a weird pot which I have been told is actually a place in which they will breed. So maybe some of you can take pics of your toys and perches and post them here...
  14. Budgie Pictures
    I wanted to pose him with my new dress, which is a 50s swing dress and is a lovely shade of blue. He didn't really like it but hung around for a photo anyway.
  15. General Budgie Talk
    Hi :) I have three budgies in a rather large cage. There are 2 females (one around 1 year old and the other is around 3) and one male budgie (who is 3 too) The two three year old budgies (Petra and Bennie) I've noticed have started to mate (Sitting on each other, preening each other...
1-15 of 66 Results