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  1. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello everyone! Around 2 weeks ago I noticed that my budgie's beak has become looking rough and scaly (I assumed it's scaly mites). I quarantined him from my other budgies and I went to a local vet for advice. He was kind enough to give me a bit of ivermectin for free and told me to use one...
  2. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello. I wrote this message from Turkey and I can not find any avian vet here. So, I could not have him x-ray or he could not have any other advanced diagnosis methods. He could not use his right foot at all. His foot lost its power day by day, he drinks water a lot and his poop is full of...
  3. Your Budgie's Health
    My mother past away last month and I had just made a big road trip to Sacramento, California from my Aberdeen, Washington residence (I live here at) and back a couple weeks ago. I took my birds with me on this trip. I think it made them catch colds with an allergy and I don't know how to give...
1-3 of 8 Results