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  1. Introductions
    Hi so I got my budgie about a week ago and I have a few questions. Sorry if they've been asked I'm new to this forum and Im still not really familiar with how to use it. Here are some of my questions: 1) First, my budgie seems scared of millet spray? It sounds weird but whenever I put it in he...
  2. Diseases and Illnesses
    About 3 weeks ago, Bruce started emitting really wet poops. He's always had a tendency to do that, but it became much more frequent. The water level in the water dispensers kept going down rapidly. We took him to the vet. They tested his poop, and took a blood sample and tested that. Poop was...
  3. General Budgie Talk
    So I realised that my French moulter can't really jump down into the bird bath any more. He got stuck in a food bowl recently and was like bambi trying to get out. I need some sort of shallow tray that I can use as a bath for him. And it has to be something he can grip onto. I know you can get...
  4. General Budgie Talk
    :budgie: .. OK...,, So I have been looking at buying my first budgie.. but I have a problem,. I travel 2-3 times a year for 2-4 days. I just moved so i would have no one to watch my bird, I know they are very social and im not condoning leaving them alone for long periods of time.,. But i...
  5. General Budgie Talk
    On the 27th i bought a 4 month old male budgie, called Vasquez. I bought him in a very nice pet shop and he was in a cage with 3 others (2 male and 1 female) He is quite tame and doesn't mind me putting my hand near him or stroking his chest (however near night time he seems to bite.) So we put...
  6. General Budgie Talk
    I just finished this, so no one has gone near it yet. I put a little water in the bowl so they could hear it splash. There is a wood screw in the hole in the bottom of the bottle, so I can control the water flow. I got the idea from the description of the shower on this site.
1-6 of 20 Results