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  1. Diseases and Illnesses
    So today I was out with a friend and when I got picked up my mom told me she had heard some flapping coming from the cage where my two boys are. I was told when she got to the cage she found Cookie hunched on the cage floor. So she and my brother picked him up from where he was and paced him on...
  2. Budgie Behavior
    Someone please help! I've been feeling incredibly guilty lately about having two parakeets. They will never come out of their cage and we have had them for four months!! Are we doing something wrong or are they just really happy together? Please respond.
  3. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello everyone, my name is Hannah and I'm extremely new to owning budgies. My birthday was a few days ago and my parent gave me these two little budgies as a present. They seem to have settled in nicely but the female, Tilly's, vent feathers suddenly went green about 3 days ago. The male, Benny...
1-3 of 24 Results