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  1. Mutations and Genetics
    Would anyone know what colour/mutation offsprings can come out from a yellow budgie and a turquoise white black one? 🤔
  2. Your Budgie's Health
    Hello, Thank you so much for your time. I'm really worried about my baby. Yesterday I noticed yellow crust around the eye corners of my budgie for both eyes. He's around one year old, otherwise healthy and playful. I'm worried that this might be mites or a fungal infection which may lead to...
  3. Lost and Found
    I found this little scared yesterday :budgie: wondering on Shacklewell Lane, London pavement next to some studios near the Shacklewell Arms. I’m keeping it safe for the time being but would love to reunite it with his owner. It is very scare but looks healthy. And it flies he hasn’t got her...
1-3 of 22 Results