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Hey all! It's been a while. A long while, haha. Things changed for me massively in the past years, and I moved out of my parents' home a few months back. I couldn't bring Pumpkin and Sky with me due to apartment limitations (Sky would have been tolerated, but the two are inseparable so that wasn't an option), but they have been re-homed to an experienced keeper, so I'm happy for them. Still miss them every day.

Gerhana, Hulk, and Cloud are still with me, being the goofy little trio that they usually are! Although Hulk and Cloud still have scuffles every now and then, they aren't nearly as common as they used to be, and if they do happen I can quickly resolve them with a few methods that I alternate between depending on what works best at the time.
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Recently I've been looking into vets around my area that specialize in avian treatment (Been referred to two that I'll be contacting as soon as possible), both to get them all checked up and also to get some advice and possibly medication for Cloud. The old man has been gradually developing some issues that I wish I could have gotten checked earlier, one of which being that his right foot has lost its strength. He can still sort of move that leg, but seems to be unable to grip things properly with it anymore. That and his molting seems to be significantly more rough than the other two, and he tires out so much quicker than he used to. I'd like to think that a lot of his issues come from him being a senior bird, but that leg issue scares me the most. Heard some scary stories about other peoples' budgies who's leg stopped working right due to tumors, and I am very much hoping this isn't the case, the only other thing I could think of is maybe arthritis? But I don't know how exactly it affects budgies.

Maybe I'm overly worrying, I'm not sure, but hopefully it's nothing a vet trip or two can't fix. Other than those issues, the three seem to be doing pretty okay. Gerhana's certainly not as cuddly as he used to be as a baby, but he loves playing and hanging out with me or the other household members. Hulk is still a bit shy but has shown himself to be very sassy, I love how he moves his head around in a more expressive manner compared to the other two when something has his interest. Cloud is a grumpy man as usual, a bit of a jerk but we love him anyway. Hopefully he mellows out once we figure out what his problems are exactly and get treatments or changes according to what he needs done.

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Your trio is looking good. I do not think you are over worrying about Cloud and the leg should be checked by a vet. You are correct that sometimes issues with the leg can be due to tumors, the tumor presses on the nerve supply to the leg and causes various symptoms. I had one bird with a testicular tumor and another with a kidney tumor and in both cases the leg was effected. I also have a bird now that has arthritis that effects the leg and toes, she has trouble moving the leg in certain ways and sometimes does not grip well, she is on Metacam to reduce pain and inflammation. I hope that the vet can give you some answers about Cloud.
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