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2 year old abino budgie, male or female? Help?

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I've been calling Snow him for 2 years but the vet isn't sure without blood test. Not sure if I wanna put them thru that just for gender. Maybe yall can help. This is Snow in the sun after a birdie bath. Natural light to see their cere better.

Here's another one:
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Thank you!!
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Snow is a very handsome MALE budgie.
Note the translucent deep pinkish/ purple hue of his cere. 💜💜

Please make sure all the cage doors are secured and the cage is under direct supervision at all times when you have him outdoors.
We all want to ensure his safety. 💜💜

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Hi there and welcome to the forums!

Snow is unquestionably male. Is the vet you are seeing an avian vet? It's a bit odd to me that an avian vet wouldn't be able to tell his gender by looking at him but perhaps he didn't specialize in budgies, so it's possible.

Young males have bright pink or purplish ceres with no hint of white or matte, and the cere remains this color their whole life in certain mutations, specifically recessive pied and albino or lutino males.

He's a beautiful fellow~

FaeryBee has given great advice and information above. Please be sure to ask if you have any questions after reading through the forums!!

Hope to see you around~
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