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A brothers gift

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My brother just finished this wonder painting of the late, beloved Corbyn. I miss him so much every second of everyday. My gallery hols the original photo that he painted this from, and some previous posts share the store of his passing. I want to allow Steve (my brother) to post this in his gallery to be available for others to purchase because it's so hard to find budgie art that is nice and unique, while at the same time, spreading this amazing little bird's legacy.

I hope you all like it <3

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WoW :speechless-smiley-0 It's stunning! Could you post a link to his gallery? I would love to check out the rest of his paintings:)
Wow, that's just amazing. What a lovely gift from your brother. That's so sweet that he recognized your love for your sweet Corbyn and took the time to do that for you.
That's a beautiful work of art and a grand tribute to your beloved Corbyn! Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:
That is a very lovely and thoughtful gift.
Very beautiful and graceful painting!:2thumbs:
That is really nice...:)
Beautiful painting of your beloved Corbyn. :hug:

Thank you for sharing it with us.
What a beautiful painting of Corbyn. Such a thoughtful gift.
What a beautiful painting and a lovely gift for you!
What a lovely tribute to your Corbyn. And not only is it stunningly done but it is very true to his picture. I am sure it brought back many wonderful memories when you saw it .:D
Wow, he has some amazing talent! I absolutely love his gallery.
It's amazing!!!!! well done!!!
Amazing painting!!:cool: Poor Corbyn...

R.I.P. Ice :budge:
That is such a beautiful painting and a lovely tribute to Corbyn. :)
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