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It's great to see all the boys together on this outer space adventure!
I see Scooter has taught the robot dog to hold the Snickers bar for him! :D
You found one of the Snickers really quickly!!

Helm take us out at warp 6. Which direction Captain Scooter? Why towards the millet of course, now engage :)
:laugh: Great commentary, Barry!

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That's cool!:D Maybe they wonder if there are living strange cyber budgies outside of planet Earth!:D
There could be! :wow:
Haha, thanks for the "caramels"! :giggle:
You are most welcome - sorry they weren't double caramel chunk Kit Kats! ;)
Budgie Borg???? :eek:
Ha Ha! Team Skipooter is definitely in total charge of space exploration - confident, good looking, and well supplied with the necessities of life; (although, if that robot dog is programmed to simulate a real dog, he is not going to relinquish that Snickers bar without a fight). If this should occur, the whole mission could be in jeopardy, while the spaceship tips back and forth in the ensuing mayhem...:eek:
I think Scooter sent his Rup (robot-pup) to fetch the Snickers for him but 'Ruppy' just walked right on by with it hoping for a game of "chase". :p
Great work Deb. A Star Trek Theme... Scooter you better chase that robot dog around the ship to get your snickers bar back looks like he has a good grip on it.. With all of that flying the boys will need the snickers bar for a chocolate break.. You sure have your eye on the snickers bar ..HELP RUNAWAY SNICKERS BAR..... Skipper and Scooter are on a mission to fight the aliens off...Also good to see Sunny and Sparky joining in on the adventures to.....
Thanks, Lyn -Did you find the second Snickers Bar in the picture as well? :giggle:
The Starship Enterprise is now powered with dilithium crystals, and snickers bars...:laughing1:
Snickers - the new fuel for Space Travel! :laugh:
Where are the snickers for the rest of the crew? That will be a real compromise to get the ship back on course. Enjoy the Mission guys!! Jo Ann:p
Something tells me at least one (if not more) of the crew must have a secret stash on board. :spy:
My girls have been munching on something and won't show or tell me what! So, I wonder if the boys DID stop by (secretly of course) and left the snickers meant for the crew for a couple of their most ardent fans instead.. :speechless-smiley-0:speechless-smiley-0:giggle::laugh:
The boys definitely like to keep their fans happy, Judy, and it's quite possible they stopped by to see your girls on their way to Starship Skipooter! :wave:
HA HA now Miss Faery Bee what about we that are upside down, or according to you on the other side? We haven't got a chance of scoring points with those eagle eyes of the far side crew !!! While you all sleep we are keeping control. Great to see the team are in control of our future.:budgie:
The time difference does create challenges. :rolleyes; I'll have to get Team Skipooter engaged with that problem to see if there is a way to overcome the problem.

Got it! :jumping:
Everyone PLEASE refrain from giving away the location(s) of any hidden Snickers Bar(s) located in Skipooter's adventures.
Answers will be accepted only through Private Message.
This change will allow me to award winners in BOTH the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. :D
The following preview has been approved by the MPAA for ALL AUDIENCES
Voice-over narration by Leonard Nimoy to an all too familiar Trekkie theme)
"Space - the final frontier. These are the voyages of a new generation of Trekkies (much smaller in stature) but no less courageous, intelligent, and adventurous than their go boldly where no man (nor bird) has gone before!"

Can this daring new Enterprise crew survive the Klingon onslaught and make safe passage back to Federation space? More importantly - Will this new adventure score big at the box office to warrant more epic sequels, mass merchandising, revive the Trek franchise, and elevate Skipooters' wealth and fame boldly beyond any movie star in history?
Find out at a theater this Christmas...when it takes on the 'other' multi-billion dollar 'space movie/cash cow'!:laughing:
Skipooter 's mission to protect budgies everywhere is what drives them to venture to places where nobudgie has gone before!
Amazingly inventive and entertaining commentary, Nick. I totally enjoyed it! :cool:
Skipooter and Spunny look like they're prepared for sure to deal with inter-galactic assaults!
I think Scooter is wondering where that robot dog is taking his midnight snack! :eek:
Nick, your comment was wonderful :laughing:
Thanks, Star! Skipooter ensures our world rests easy under their watch. :D
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