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The following preview has been approved by the MPAA for ALL AUDIENCES

(Voice-over narration by Leonard Nimoy to an all too familiar Trekkie theme)

"Space - the final frontier. These are the voyages of a new generation of Trekkies (much smaller in stature) but no less courageous, intelligent, and adventurous than their go boldly where no man (nor bird) has gone before!"

"Hey Skipper, opps...I mean Capt Kirk, the Klingon Armada is fast approaching and we need to engage the warp drive to evade or arm the photon torpedoes to defend now!" - Scooter as Lt Commander Montgomery SCOOTY

"We shall not run away from any ugly and stinking Klingons for as long as I'm in command! Arm all photon torps and plasma cannons to engage, MR.SUNNU!" - Skipper as Capt Kirk giving orders with firm usual

"Aye aye Skip, oops...I mean Capt. All weapons armed and counter measures deployed!" - Sunny as LT HIKARU SUNNU (the Asian dude):cool:

"I would strongly advise against engaging all weapon or propulsion systems until the reactor has stabilized, having just exited one warp. My calculations of the probability of a reactor meltdown in this scenario is..." - Sparky as the highly intelligent Vulcan budgie MR.SPARK (the one with pointy ears):D

Can this daring new Enterprise crew survive the Klingon onslaught and make safe passage back to Federation space? More importantly - Will this new adventure score big at the box office to warrant more epic sequels, mass merchandising, revive the Trek franchise, and elevate Skipooters' wealth and fame boldly beyond any movie star in history?

Find out at a theater this Christmas...when it takes on the 'other' multi-billion dollar 'space movie/cash cow'!:laughing:
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