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Adventures of Pepperoni and Simone! (ongoing thread)

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Simon and Pepper (ongoing thread)

Meet Pepper my yellow breast senegal!! Due to having green under the tail I believe Pepper is a girl.. please correct me if I am wrong! her feathers have already began to grow in and she loves making sound effects!!

this is peppers cage after it was cleaned and before set up! (Kiwi and Aztec will be upgraded to the same cage very soon!!)

Pepper loves her banana chips!

sharing eggs with mom haha

please ignore the hat hair!!!

step up!!

loves a head/neck rub!

Meet Simon! from what I have been told Simon is a male African grey congo. he is a closet whistler! He used to talk.. we never heard a peep until he was here for a few days and thought we left.. then he started whistling something beautiful! I hope he will come out of his shell soon!

getting his cage set up..

on our way home!!

dad and Simon have an amazing bond already!
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How cute, her face is leaning toward you :). That is SO wonderful that she has fully grown in when she was so badly plucked, and now look at her! The before and after is just amazing.
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Thank you! now if I could just get her to learn some tricks!!! All she wants to do is get a head rub.. ive tried using a chop stick for stick training.. she is TERRIFIED of it!!! Guess ill just keep working at it!
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Pepper is such a beautiful sweetheart, Lacey :D

She loves you so much, I can see it in her face in that first picture with you. It truly warms my heart to know that this little one is so healthy and happy now :hug:

:urock: for such a great job with Pepper!
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This latest pic of you and Pepper is unbelievably precious!! Pepper is just so happy to be with her favourite human/friend! :D

It's also wonderful that she is now fully feathered! :clap: :woot: :party:
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You've done such a wonderful job with Pepper, Lacey.
It's great that she is now a healthy and happy little girl and she obviously loves you very much.
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I just read through this entire thread for the first time and I am SOOOOO amazed at how good Pepper is doing and how great of a birdie mommy you are! Really heart warming <3
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A quick update!

Hello everyone!! Been gone a while so I just wanted to post some update photos over the last few months!!!

this is Pepper today, playing with her straw hat.. hehe

she also has a cowboy hat she used for halloween... gotta love accessories!!

Here is a picture I submitted in for a contest for Bingo Blitz pet of the week.. guess what.. SHE WON! go SIMONE!!

Cheeto thief...

Pepper was angry at me for taking a pic after her bath .... :giggle:

Simone has a new playstand!!

She didnt want to smile for the camera..

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Here are a couple videos of my silly Pepper..

That is my dad reaching over to give Pepper a head rub.. hes brave.. but she was nice here.. she usually will go after him.. :giggle: just does not like males for some reason...

[nomedia=""]Digging to China? - YouTube[/nomedia]

A laugh and a tail wag.. happy bird!!!

[nomedia=""]Laugh and tail wag - YouTube[/nomedia]
Awesome new pics Lacey! Simone and Pepper sure look like they have fun at your house :). It still amazes me how Pepper is fully feathered now as compared to when you brought her home!
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Hello all we have been away a while but were back..and my thread is no good with no pics so I am starting a new one!! For those of you who dont know me I rescued two parrots almost 2 years ago now! Pepperoni- Pepper for short is a Senegal and we have become very good friends! Simone the African grey is my dads friend but we are getting to know eachother!

Meet Pepperoni! She was plucked naked when I rescued her .. poor baby!!!! Her feathers are now grown in!! here are some pics of her :)

bath time!

looking out the window

snapchat filters..hehehe

she talks like stich from the movie lilo and stitch and i love her little voice!! she laughs, i mean cracks up and it is hilarious..coughs.. immitates zippers and the microwave.. she is just a doll!!

Now meet Simone!!

Simone turned 20 this past April! he was simon when we got him and on his bird cert.. but when he started laying eggs we changed his name to Simone and now he is a she lol!!!
She can say hello and whistle all kinds of tunes.. when you leave the room. It doesnt matter if she knows your on the other side of the wall..if she cant see you she will whistle and even whistle back and forth but as soon as you walk into the room she turns into a statue!!!

I have gotten into glass etching over the past couple months and I made this plate for my dad for his birthday in October!!!

thanks for stopping by everyone! We will keep updating!!
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That’s great it’s very nice of you to rescue them :)

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Great photos Lacey.

Pepperoni has made a miraculous recovery and looks so well.
The glass etching looks great, you’re a talented lady.
Pepper looks amazing!! I remember when you adopted them and she looks unrecognizable now! She's such a happy little bird :D

I'm glad that Simone is doing well, too-- that glass etching you did of her is fantastic!

Thank you so much for the update :thumbup:
Pepper and Simone look like they are both doing so well! I love the glass etching of Simone!
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