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Hello Scooter! I think she's going to be very fussy about it as usual, but that's her job. To fuss. How annoying. Does your Mum ever fuss and scold?

It's lovely to hear from you!
Hello again your Royal Highness.

Yes, my Mom hasn't been very happy with Skipper and me this week just because we decided the dining room chandelier is fun to play on and we pooped in all the thingies that go around the lights. I think my Mom said they are called globes. :rolleyes: She washed them all out and put some kind of material stuff on top of the that she said is "temporary" so we can't poop there any more. :(

Now Skipper and I are playing on the couch and the throw pillows. She doesn't like that much either. (Talk about fussy!) We tried moving to the dining room table and she even shooed us off of it! What's a budgie to do?

Why does she think we should stay on the playground, patios, in the cage or on Peachy's downstairs cage? She never seems to mind when we sit on her head or perch on her chair though. (But -- she doesn't like it when we try to bite her feet!)

Do you think we could come visit you in your kingdom if we bring appropriate gifts? Maybe if she misses us for awhile then she'll be nicer. ;)

Your loyal servant (and knight)
Sir Scooter
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.