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One of my workers came up to me this morning with a baby lovebird. The little thing was in a 5 gal bucket so I got him out and held it a bit. It was shaking at first but I talked to him and cupped him in my hand and stroked the top of his wee little head and he just cuddled there in my hand.

Beak was still over 1/2 black. I debated to come home and mix formula and feed with the spoon syringe or go straight to the vet and get tested. I went and found the guy who found him and had him take me to where he found him. There were about 5 adults up in the palm tree close by so I sat the little guy in the grass and stepped back. One made a quick fly over and back to the tree. Then one made a fly to a palo verde tree next to the grass then flew back.

The little guy made his way to a little mound with a rock and a couple bushes about 5 feet away.After a couple mins he went under one of the bushes out of sight. Two adults flew back to the palo verde tree and called then the little one answered from the bush. They called about 4-5 times and the little guy answered each time. So I figured mom and dad found their lost son.

I waited a couple mins then left. I came back about 20 mins later and there was no sign on any one, adult or baby. In my heart I felt good and I know they are off together again as a happy family.

On a side note it reminded of a rescue I did once with a budgie. This guy who found the lovebird and the girls I got the budgie from both asked me when I was holding the birds.."Isnt he biting you? He just attacks me."

My answer both times was "no he's just cuddling up in my hand and Im scratching his head".

Some of us are the lucky ones :).
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