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Alternative Remedies to help with Tumors

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Tumor Treatment Suggestions

Please discuss any treatments you choose to try with your Avian Vet to ensure they will
not interfere with any medications or treatment plan the vet has prescribed for your budgie.

You can try modifying the budgie's diet which may help:

Balance nutrition: Low Fat, Low Seed, Focus Vegetables Greens and SPROUTED Seeds with occasional fruit as a treat

Use an Iodine supplement to stimulate the thyroid gland and metabolism of fatty tissues.

Stimulate exercise twice daily to help with weight and fat reduction.

You can also use the herb "Knotgrass" which is a plant related to buckwheat and dock.

This plant is also called prostrate knotweed, birdweed, pigweed and lowgrass. Latin name: Polygonum Avicular

There are anecdotal accounts of this herb helping to reduce or eliminate tumors in budgies.

Polygonum Avicular (Knotgrass)

You can allow the budgie to eat as much of the knotgrass as he wants as he cannot "overdose" on it.

You can also take a look at the video's posted by Dr. Ross Perry
Budgie Cancer disappears - Budgie Health
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