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Am I doing things right?

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Hi guys,
I have just joined as I have been reading threads on here for a while now and would really like some advice :)
I just got my first 2 budgies ever about a month ago, I would put them from what i've read at about a year old, however where I got them told me they were already relatively hand tame.
I have named them Bob and Kevin :) And Bob is the little rascal where as Kevin is the shy one.
They have always come onto my hand no problem, they now step up, Kevin loves a little scratch where as Bob nips at me if I do it to him -.-
They have both come out their cage before, Bob a few time and Kevin only once, as I sit in my room with their cage door open and let them come out in their own time.
Bob sings like a dream and it puts a huge smile on my face, whereas Kevin can be a bit quiet however when he starts he goes for it :')
I would like to think because they do all of this they are starting to see me as a friend instead of a threat, however, unless I get them to step up on my finger or have millet, they won't just come up to me, and when they're out of their cage they seem pretty scared (understandably), but even a little bit of me? however I would want them to see me as a safe place also :(

After this long message what I really am getting at is do you think things are going okay? And what would be your next approach?

Thank you for reading this long message :) xx
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Time and patience are a huge factor in training and bonding, also remember budgies are like people they all their own unique personalities and some love interacting more than others. To me the first and more important rule is Enjoy your budgies for themselves, I love how they interact and form the close friendships between each other. Sometimes they remind me of a little old married couple sitting together all happy or having the occasional whinge !.:)
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