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Why, my dear Amber, must you have all the time
The talent to sketch and to show
It seems with a stroke of a few little lines
You have more talent than I'd ever know

Just a few strokes, just there, up and down is okay
And you put out a person without further delay.
But I'm frankly astounded
At how smartly well-rounded
You are, which your artwork betrays.

Your pictures are lovely, your art is sublime
Every figure you draw is inspiring
Whatever I do, compared to you, is "just fine"
And you draw these things all without tiring.

The world watches on as you create with great zeal
You may even insist they're casual and not real
And you refrain from self-praise
To assure those amazed
That you really just sketch for appeal.

But, appeal, my dear, is what we all seek,
For the drawings of yours which are not worth the show
Unless I'm mistaken, it's of this which we speak.
They are probably better than those that we know!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.