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Hey folks so I'm having a browse on the forum tonight. We will be getting a bird from a breeder but in the new year.
I've had budgies in the past. I'm obviously very excited. I found the questions to ask the breeder. BUT.... What are the answers Im looking for? The questions below are what were on the pinned thread. Answers very much appreciated.

1. How often do you breed your pairs?
2. Do you use individual breeding cages?
3. What conditioning diet do you use for the adults?
4. Have the birds been hand-fed or parent raised? If hand-fed, what techniques do you use?
5. If hand-fed, at what age do you separate the babies from the parents?
6. What is the age of each of the parents?
7. Do you handle and socialize your babies?
8. What foods are given to the weaning babies?
9. What sort of written health guarantee do you offer?
10. At what age do you release a baby to the new owner?
11. Can I call you with questions and concerns after taking the bird home?

I'm sure when I got my last budgie there was a list somewhere of reputable breeders... Can anyone point me in the direction of this too if it exists?

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