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1. Budgies should be bred only twice a year. If a breeder "double clutches" their birds, the birds need a good 11 months before being bred again.
If the breeder lets the parents raise one clutch and then rests them for 6 months before breeding again, that is fine too.

2. Individual breeding cages are CRITICAL. If the person colony breeds you do not want to buy from them.
Individual Breeding Cages - Why is this so Important?

3. Conditioning Diet: Variety of Budgie Safe Vegetables, Egg Food, Pellets, High Quality Seed Mix, Calcium Supplements.

4. Planned Co-Parenting in Raising Tame Chicks

5. The longer the chick is with the parents, the better. You do not want to buy from people that remove chicks from the parents at 3 weeks

6. Budgies should not be bred until they reach between 12 and 18 months. Budgies should not be bred once they are 4 years old.

7. The answer should be yes.

8. Budgies should be weaned onto vegetables, pellets and high quality seed mix. Never just seed.

9. Some breeders will want you to have the new bird examined by your Avian Vet within 24 - 48 hours and will take the budgie back if it is found to be ill.

10. Budgie chicks should never be released until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old, are fully fledged and fully weaned.

11. The answer should be yes.

Why buy from Reputable/Ethical Breeders rather than Big Box pet stores.

Finding Good Budgie Breeders in the US
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