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Are Your Eggs Fertile?

Are Your Eggs Fertile?

You have been waiting patiently for months! You have carefully selected and prepared your pair making sure they are old enough, they have a good breeding diet, and they are in breeding condition. They have had a nest box for some time and have finally started laying eggs! Now the next and most logical question we all ask our selves- are they fertile?

Here are some pictures of my eggs as they develop to help you figure out this very question if you are not sure

Day 1
The first couple days of incubation there is no sign of
life within an egg. Infertile and fertile look the same:

Day 3
After 2-3 days, an experienced eye can start to see
development within the eggs center where the ovum
is located attached to the yolk. In this picture if you
look very close there is a small dot in the center of
the egg that is slightly darker:

Day 4
At 4 days of incubation it should be obvious if the
egg is fertile or not. You will see a light pink color
develop all over the egg:

Day 5
Small networks of blood vessels are starting to develop
within the egg and a heartbeat can often be
seen at this stage:

Day 7
At 7-8 days, the embryo is growing larger and starting
to fill the egg causing the whole egg to get a pink

Day 10
At 10 days in development, the egg starts to darken
with the growing chick.

Day 13
By 13 days, the chick is starting to take up most of
the egg. Often you can only see light going through
the top near the air sack.

Day 15
By this stage, the chick is taking up nearly the whole
egg. The whole thing is very dark with no light making
it through the egg. Only a few more days and it
will be ready to hatch!

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