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These are some drawings I've been doing recently of some of my favourite characters from Dota 2. :D (except Riki, he's no one's favourite bar my boyfriend so that's the only reason I drew him :XD:) I'm not very good at making up drawings out of my head so they are done from references, but with changes of course. :)
So this is Riki the Stealth Assassin, one of THE most annoying heroes in the game. :p

Outworld Devourer, who was not supposed to be this fat. :XD:

Vengeful Spirit, one of my favourites. :D

Drow Ranger

Death Prophet, who I am terrible at but she's still fun to play (yes her hands are supposed to be that big)

Reference credit to Dota 2 HQ and 99 Hunters. :)
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