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My son has delivered my small second hand aviary, I will be outside high pressure cleaning it as soon as possible. Then I will place in the best location and then the FUN begins:D:D

Pictures will be along shortly.:budge:
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How EXCITING! Can't wait to see photos MUM.
Can't wait to see the photos. Enjoy!
Cool, I'll keep a close eye out for those photos.:)
Great news, Cathy!! I'm looking forward to seeing it once you have it all set up. :D
Does this mean you will be Buying More Budgies? I hope :budge:
Oh congratz, Cathy. Can't wait to see pix!:)
Awesome news Cathy, can't wait for the pictures!!!
That's great, Cathy! So this means you will be getting a few more beautiful budgies, right? :budgie::budge::budgie::budge: :D
Hope we get to see it soon, Cathy...I am so pleased for you!:)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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