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Avian Gastric Yeast - will it ever get better?

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I've had an awful 48 hours. My sweet boy Angel unexpectedly passed away yesterday, seemingly due to liver inflammation but we will have more information after the necropsy. He struggled with avian gastric yeast earlier this year which seemingly got better as he hadn't shown any symptoms since the initial treatment. However, his cage mate, Sprocket, is now showing symptoms and the vet has found yeast in his droppings. I'm really at my wits end here and need support. Does anyone have experience dealing with avian gastric yeast? Any tips on dealing with it? Will I ever be able to get him another cage mate or will he have to be solo for the rest of his life due to the illness? Any help or support is appreciated
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Sorry for your loss of Angel. There is a difference between finding yeast and the specific organism that is avian gastric yeast, did the vet specifically say he found AGY in Sprocket? I have had 3 birds with AGY, the drug of choice and really the only one that has been proven effective against an active infection is Amphotericin B. AGY is a tough thing to deal with, and so is Ampho B, and can be accompanied by other issues as well such as secondary infections. It can be brought under control but it is my understanding that it cannot be completely eradicated. The AGY organism likes to live in the area between the proventriculus and the ventriculus and is not always shed in the droppings so it may not always be found in a fecal exam. I have a bird currently undergoing treatment for AGY and he is not allowed contact with the other birds during the treatment, he is in the same room but is not allowed out of the cage time with the others.
I'm very sorry for your loss of Angel.

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Cody has asked excellent questions as well as given advice.

We have a forum member who had a budgie with AGY that lived well for many years although there were recurring bouts of treatment required.
Have you heard back from the vet with regard to the type yeast in Sprocket's droppings yet?
What treatments have been prescribed for him?

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