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With @FaeryBee's permission:

A Dutch avian vet called Rob van Zon has written a book about Avian first aid and emergencies. The book is aimed at both owners and regular vets and supplies both with information on how to provide first aid and what to do in case of emergencies where an avian vet is not (yet) available. I have included a translation of the Dutch blurb (= short summary on the back of the book) at the end of this post.

He has now translated his book in English and is looking for an international publisher to publish both an ebook and a print edition. If you are a publisher or know a publisher that might be interested, you can find his facebook message about this here .

The message is in Dutch, but the pictures from the book he attached to his message are in English. I have provided a translation of his Facebook message below (some words he used were hard to translate, so I gave it my best shot):

Does anyone happen to be involved in international book publishing?

The English version of my book is finished and I would like to publish this somewhat more extensive version (130 pages extra, more subjects and many more color images than in the Dutch book) in as many countries as possible. There will be a print edition and an ebook. It can of course be done independently via a platform such as amazon, but I would prefer to have the book published through a professional publisher. Unfortunately, it turns out it is not that easy (apparently there are more people who sat in front of the computer during lockdown...), so I hope to be able to reach a perhaps bird-loving publisher this way

Sincerely, Rob
I also translated the blurb (=short summary on the back of a book) of his Dutch book:

Birds are vulnerable animals that, due to their often small size and unique physical characteristics, can quickly deteriorate in the event of illness and injury. It is therefore essential to intervene appropriately and quickly in case of physical problems. With this book, the author, veterinarian / avian vet Rob van Zon, hopes to be able to support both owners and veterinarians in providing first aid to birds in emergency situations. Discussions include when and why birds with acute symptoms of disease should be examined by a veterinarian, how veterinarians can stabilize sick birds and how to act in emergency situations, first by the owner and then by the vet during the emergency consultation.
If you are an interested publisher please contact him on facebook through the link above.
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