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NOTE: This was originally supposed to be a request for info about other birds because I've been considering getting a medium-ish bird as well as my budgies but then. . .I realized I might have a problem:::::::::

Right so, I've wanted a larger-ish birdie for a bit now and as part of my thinking process thought I'd ask.

For someone who already has 4 budgies, wants a very 'personable' bird, and people other than myself will be uncommon, and is definitely looking for a buddie that values me more highly than other birdie buddies (love my budgies, and we're getting on lovely, but they love each-other waay more than me :p).

I'm looking at cockatiels as my first choice, or second to that either a parrotlet or a green cheek conure. Pros and cons comparitively? Things of note?

So far as I can tell, the basic rules of pet ownership are similar for these as to budgies, but need even more attention (happy to oblige) and eat a different 'bird-food' while still eating all the same fresh foods.

A guy I know has a GCC and a Parrotlet at a good deal right now (220 USD a piece), but I'm doubtful I'll actually make a decision before he's homed them and that's fine, but it's got me thinking a bit harder about this.

What I want is a bird that is a bit more 'pet-like' -- and from YT vids, all three fit the bill, with GCCs and Cockatiels being moreso than Parrotlets. . .but that's just videos so I can't know -- if I'd always a camera ready, Kumi could come off faaar more cuddly than she is hee hee.

Anyway, thoughts?

And yeah, I'm totally prepared to be told "Oi, you've got 4 birds already, just, no, stop it. At least for a year or two."

I tend to become quickly and painfully obsessed, so this might be one of those situations I need a sponsor telling me to stop, and when I'm being moderate. . ..

Come to think, I might want to join that budgie addicts group here, 'cause thinking harder on the short time I've had 4 buddies (I started with only 1 on Valentines day) . . .. Yeapper, this is one of those bad brain behaviours. .. .

I'm posting this to the addicts forum section instead.I think I just didn't notice this being part of my brain's usual problem paths becuase, I haven't really cared about an animal since I was like, 10.

Someone tell me to stop being stupid please.

I'ma just go outside with my budgie buddies for now. :p

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Well I personally would go with a tiels.I have two male.they love to spend time with you.they will sit on your head or shoulder if you are eating something they will take some.some like to get head scritches and like to cuddle. Girls are quieter then boys. Boys can learn to talk and they whistle.they can learn to whistle different songs.I also have two budgies and they all get along together.馃憣


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I agree, if you really must get a new little birdie friend, I also would go with a tiel :yellow pied: They tend to be less complicated than the other parrots and are absolutely fond of human company and interaction.

However, if you're in any way doubting either your ability to afford extra vet bills, or space, or any of those things, I would wait a bit ;)

In fact, if you've had your budgies for less than a year I would wait to make sure it's really what you want in a few months :D

I understand, though, birdies are so cute and so pretty and I just also want a whole rainforest full of them :laughing: :eek:

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sounds like you are a spontaneous person that gets a passionate idea and then somehow 'logic' and doubts come in and you wonder if you are right to want what you want and maybe talk yourself out of it? You've prob thought of it already but I would say as long as you have the financial means and time and love to look after the birdies health and wellbeing then go for it! Get the birdie you have always dreamed only live once :)


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:) lol if I could build a huge indoor bird cage,I would fill it with budgies in a whole room dedicated to them .mercy me lol.I love birds so much.blessings

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I got into a looong rant real fast (I started talking about my buddies), try again.

1) Yeah, can take care of another.
2) I was leaning tiel anyway, think I'll go back that way.
3) I still think this is probably just a new obsession. Most of them are very long term, but if I don't catch the cycle now, I'd have 20 buddies by year's end at this rate. And I'd honestly like that, which is exactly the problem. Could I take care of 20? Maybe 10, not 20.

Dunno the nice word for it, but I'm a bit nuts -- I'd best err on the side of caution I think, because as soon as I realized I've only had even Topi since Valentine's I kinda became acutely aware of the familiarity of this path -- like when I discovered Japanese Anime and spent every waking moment watching it for almost a year, to the exclusion of all other things in my life. Birds are a nicer use of that kind of obsession -- but its not good for them if I'm too caught in it to even notice I'm behaving that way -- especially since birds don't just live a few years, they live a decades.


If I happen to announce I've a new buddy in the next weeks or even days -- well, I don't really 'deal' with my OCD so much as try to be happy within those obsessions. . . .and this one is promising on that front.

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Having parrot experience myself, I think a Cockatiel might fit your situation well. But only IF you think you can take on another bird at this time, and can determine truly if it is an obsession or something that you will truly not regret :)... really, only you know your situation. You are in the Budgaholic Support Group :), so I know you're trying to be responsible about this decision. Please keep us posted!

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I had a tiel a few years back who was a very affectionate, sweet bird. the biggest deal breaker for me, not getting another one instead of a budgie was the noise factor. they make a much more piercing shriek when they flock call. maybe having budgies will help the tiel not call out so much, but it's something i'd want to know. i find that 8 budgies are noisy, but i still prefer their chatter to a tiel.

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Personally, I think you'd be much better off until you've had your budgies for at least a year before even considering getting another bird of any kind.

You've said yourself that you have a tendency to become obsessive. Birds of any sort are a long-term commitment.
I'd focus your attention on the budgies you have now. If you truly want to become part of their flock, then spend the necessary time with them on a regular and consistent basis.
Let that become your new obsession and both you and your budgies will benefit from it.

Take a look at these links:

I'm a great sponsor and have no problem whatsoever in encouraging people to resist the urge to get more animals.

If you truly want someone to help you resist the urges, just send me a Private Message. :)

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If youve only had your budgies since valentunes day i say you need to wait.

Youre still in the 'honeymoon' period with these guys and you need to give yourself much more time to work out what you want.

Id love a whole bunch more different species and whilst i could go out tomorrow and get them i know it wouldnt be in anyones best interests.

Focus on the ones you have for now. Research in the meantime and if in a year you still want to branch youve got all that extra knowledge ;)

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You know, after seeing FaeryBee and CaptainHowdy's response, I do agree with them.

I missed the part that you are new to birds. Why not take your time a little more and learn everything you can about your budgie first. As was mentioned, clicker training, positive reinforcement, bonding with your special little one. Let that become your obsession. Be consistent and patient, and and I bet you won't be disappointed!

Many years ago I got into fish aquariums. I started out with saltwater and reefs (advanced) without a whole lot of knowledge or experience in the aquarium hobby first, and I blew a ton of money, was frustrated, and gained my knowledge the hard way. Creatures had to suffer as well. This was before the days of the internet where we just had to rely on books and figure out who the knowledgable store employees were. I was impulsive and wanted it, but it wasn't a good decision.
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