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Barely eating their food..??

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My birds have not really been eating their seed mix the past few days (versele laga prestige) They don't eat pellets and the only veg they will eat is kale. They eat a few sprouts when I try sprouts. Are any of these sprouting seeds able to be given to them raw..?? Want to buy some seeds to make my own seed mix for them...what seeds can I give them..?? Also when you buy a seed mix, it says added vitamins and minerals...if I make my own mix, does that mean they won't be getting what they need..??
They are Barraband parakeets (superb paarrots)

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You can feed all of those seeds raw.
With regard to making your own seed mix, the only information I know of is in the following link which is proportions set out for budgies.
I'm sorry not to be able to be of more assistance.

Quality Seed Mix
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