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Bell's Progress

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It's been about a week ad a half since I adopted Bell. Since day 1 I have been sitting next to her cage as much as possible, talking to her and singing to her, telling her stories. Anything that will get her used to me.

I started trying to hand tame her on tuesday. I've ben sitting my hand in the cage. At first she got nervous and would hide in the corner of the cage. It's day 3 since i've been doing this, and now she's a little bit more comfortable. She'll hesitate to come near me, but today she started getting closer and is willing to eat our of her food bowl while my hand is still in the cage. I also started using pieces of millet to further convince her that i'm friendly ;)
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Sounds like a great start to a great friendship :)
Bell got curious enough to nibble on my hand full of millet. 1 step closer!:budgie:
Brought Bell outside in her cage for about 20 minutes today. She seemed to enjoy the new sounds and looooved talking to the birds outside. Didn't want to keep her out took long though. I know budgies are native to Australia, but I wasn't sure she would be to hot. I had her cage on the patio table under the umbrella for shade. I gave her treats previous to bringing her outside to keep her busy.
She wouldn't touch the treats until I brought her back in and after I took a shower and sat with her. Is it strange that she won't eat her treats unless i'm there? hmm.
She seems to be warming up to me!
She does thing this where when I come home from work, come in the room do my thing, then leave for a few to go take a shower or make lunch, she starts tweeting. Like a loud calling tweet. As if she was trying to catch my attention! This could be a coincidence, but she's done this every time! I find it so cute.
Also, after I rearranged her cage for her new bird bath and millet treat holder, she comes close to the edge of the cage when I talk to her. (sometimes - especially when she's out of millet spray) I think she gets the gist that I'M the one who gives her, her favorite treats!
-also uses to bird bath to drink out of and isn;t afraid of it
-seems interested / responds to my voice/singing/whistling. basically my presence.
-ALSO Bell now mimics one of the birds that our in my backyard. (I NEED to figure out what kind of bird she's mimicking!)
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