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Both birds lost wing feathers on one wing

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Diva has always had flight problems, but this morning I let Dove and Diva out of the cage, and neither could fly. They just crashed to the floor. Both of them look to have very ragged feathers, and each of their left wings is EXTREMELY short (as in, they seem to have lost all their flight feathers in their left wings)

They're acting normal other than the flying, still hopping around their cage normally.

I found 2 long feathers in the cage (not short moulting feathers). One is Diva's colors, the other Dove's. I'm just confused as to why they both lost it on the same exact wing at the same exact time? I'm prepared to take them to the vet whatever the cost, I just wanted to get advice on here first as to what could be happening here
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Can you post a picture of their left wings? When was the last time they were flying as usual, whatever usual is for them. If they have lost all flight feathers you should have found them on the floor or in the cage as they were shed, have you seen that happen? Do they pick at one another?
I couldn't get a picture of Diva's wing, but here is Dove's:
Bird Hand Beak Gesture Finger

To be honest I'm not sure when they last flew normally - I was away last week and left them with my mother who fed them, etc.
She didn't let them out fly however because she was worried she wouldn't be able to get them back into the cage (they have a big flight cage so they had plenty of space even without getting let out). But the last time I let them out, they flew normally.

I found one of Diva's flight feathers, and one of Dove's. I didn't find any others though.
They groom each other all the time but I've never seen them pick at each other.

Thank you :)
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I do not see where the feathers are ragged but I see that she has lost the primary flight feathers on the left. I find that to be odd, I don't think I have ever seen that happen on any of my birds. Will she allow you to open her wing to see if there is any evidence of them growing back? Did they look like this before you left them with your mother or do you think this is something that happened while they were with her?
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They did look a little ragged earlier but then I saw that she was wet - her feathers often get a little ragged looking after she takes a bath but they look fine now.

I’ve found a bunch of little fluffy moulting feathers in the cage so I think they’re both going through a moult - however I’ve never seen them lose flight feathers in a moult? Dove wouldn’t let me open her wing but I looked at Diva’s, and I noticed that she had lost some feathers under her wing (due to the moult I guess). Not sure if that helps or not.

Diva has never been able to fly properly but Dove could fly normally the last time I saw her (sometime last week, before dropping her off at my mother’s house).
Budgies lose flight feathers and tail feathers in a major molt.
All feathers are lost and replaced through various molts although not all feathers are lost in any one molt.

The fact that you are indicating the feathers have been lost only on one wing is unusual though.

Budgies generally have a first light molt at around 3 - 4 months old and another at 6 -7 months old.
When a budgie reaches at 1 year old their molts adjust to the Seasons., After the adjustment the budgie will have its big molts in the Spring and Fall. Budgies may also have lighter molts throughout the year; triggered by stress, change in diet or change in environment.

You can supplement your budgie’s diet with egg food during a molt.
This helps your budgies replenish the energy lost during the time they lose and grow in the new feathers.
Additionally, egg food promotes good and healthy feather growth.
It is possible to buy ready-made egg food at any specialized pet store but just as easy to make your own by hard boiling an egg and mashing it up.
If you wish you can mix it with a bit of cooked quinoa and flax seed.
You can also finely chop some veggies and add it to the egg food mix.

If your give your budgie cooked quinoa, be sure you rinse it well several times before cooking.

Budgies get itchy during their molt, so they'll preen and scratch more often. Additionally, they may be sleepier and quieter as molting takes a lot of energy, and their poop could be a little runnier. To make them more comfortable, you can offer them baths either in a shallow dish of water (or Lix-It bath) or by hanging wet greens (romaine lettuce or kale works best) in their cage so they can nibble on it and rub against them.

Molting FAQs
Miserable Molting
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