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The photo theme challenge this month is Funny Faces :D

Please do not post your own photo. PM it to me.
Do not post comments on this thread, we need to keep it clear for viewing by the public. Thank you :)

1. finefeathers (Tia) and Aztec

2.I Love Budgie ( Amberlea) and Talola​

3. theasset (Erin) and Mal

4. CaptainCarebear (Becca) and Louis

5.BudgieKiss (J) and Mickey

6. MallyKat (Mally) and Indy & Squee

7. i♥mybudgies and Chico

8. Frede and Febe (Tia) & Frede

9. laidlaw06 (Debbie) and Shadrack & Alfie

10. Budgerigarluv (Amber ) and Kiddles & Kipper

11.Stacey101 and Chibi-Chibi

12. Teegzy and Shikoba

13. Corina and Teddy

14. Leel (Rachel) and Mango & Tanti

15. Ambisense (Z) and Joo & Ace

16. asld and Echo

17. butlali and Alfie

18. camus and Bird Bird

19.ssuzyk (Suzy) and Martini

20. SpickyDavies and Circus

21.iLeen (Eileen) and Tyson

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