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Please read and comply with ALL the rules and regulations for the Budgie of the Month contests.

Rules and Regulations

  • Each month a NEW photo challenge will be presented.
  • Submit a photo that complies with the challenge theme for that month.
    (For example, if the challenge is Tech Savy Budgies one might enter a photo of a budgie on a computer, a budgie with a remote control, a budgie "talking" on a telephone, etc.)​
  • Only ONE photo per member per month is allowed.
  • You must include the name of your Budgie Contestant in your Entry Post.
  • Do not enter a photo you have entered in a previous Talk Budgies BOTM contest
  • Photos MUST be Full-Sized. No Thumbnail Attachments will be accepted.
  • The photo must be yours and should be current (taken within the last twelve months).
  • The photo MUST be of a budgie(s); other birds are allowed to be in the photo but make sure the focus of your shot is on the budgie(s).
  • It is preferable for entries to have just one budgie in the photo.
  • Photos need not be staged. Props are not necessary.
    A candid photo is usually best.
  • No Photoshopping, no words, no text just the picture, please!
  • No enhancements such as glitter writing, sparkles etc.
  • Photo cropping is allowed as are water marks.
  • Staff members are welcomed to participate.
  • Please note that once you send in your entry it is FINAL. You will NOT be able to substitute another photo.
  • If you send more than one photo or otherwise do not comply with the rules, you will be disqualified for that month.
    You will be allowed to enter the following months' challenges.
  • The Contest Moderator determines the theme for the each BOTM Contest.
    If you wish to make a suggestion for an upcoming contest, please send a Private Message to FaeryBee.
  • If you enter a photo in the BOTM Contest, you MUST also VOTE!
  • Posts in the BOTM Entry Thread are to be limited to Entry Posts ONLY.
    Superfluous posts will be deleted.
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Not open for further replies.