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Boy Or Girl? So Confused!

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Hi Everyone!

Someone asked this in my Budgie Facebook group - We are confused ourselves so thought I'd ask this wonderful community for some help

"So I have another question. A few days ago the cere changed to a brownish color. Today it’s clearing up and now the cere on one side is blue. She did have an appointment today at the vet that I made 2 weeks ago when I rescued her. The vet checked her out, clipped her nails and trimed her beak and told me that she think its a boy and sometimes male ceres can turn brown as well.
Pics are when her cere turned brown a few days ago, and today. I am so confused, do I have a boy or girl?"

Thank you in advance :)

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The bird is a female, there is nothing indicating that it might be a male. Females can have very pale blue ceres they will never become the shade of blue that a male has. Male ceres can turn brown and when they do it can be an indication of a testicular tumor.
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Cody is 100% correct. Females have tan, beige, or light chalky blue ceres when not in condition and when in condition they are dark brown.
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