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Hello. One of my budgies (Pepper) who is four years old is growing pin feathers but for some reason they are brown. I have never seen her grow brown pin feathers, they have always been white with black tips at the very end. She acts as she usually does and is rubbing her head on her perch to remove the wax (my other two budgies don't seem to preen her). I have searched for what this may be online but haven't come up with a clear answer. Should I bring Pepper to the vet? Is this normal, a sign of vitamin deficiency, or something more serious? Has anybody else observed something like this in their budgies?

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After cleaning her she looks better but the the browning of her feathers is still an enigma to me. If she was simply dirty, I don't know how or where she got the mess from. It may seem like I'm overreacting but I've had losses in the past so I wanted a second opinion just in case.

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I agree with Cody. It appears this budgie is I’ll and had been vomiting

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In the first picture, the perch Sky is on looks blue, with a rough surface. These perches are said to be sold for the purpose keeping the nails filed down. These types of perches can cause red spots and even wounds, that become infected. This is called bumble foot. An infection in one area of the body, can effect their overall health. It's better to have natural perches of different sizes.

In any case, I hope you can find an avian, or at least an exotic vet to check her out (sooner than later). She looks like she feels pretty miserable. I hope you can get to the bottom of this 💙!
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