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Brown spots on budgie's feathers

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Hello all,

Attached are pictures of my little budgie boy, Octavio.

Recently I've noticed brown/black spots on his feathers that were not there before (around the feet). I've inspected them closely; they appear to be stains, not mites. Each impacted feather seems to have a couple or more tiny spots in various places.

Does anyone have any idea what these might be?

Some helpful information:

He is on a seed and fruit diet at the moment (with occasional proteins like eggs); I am still in the process of converting him to a more healthy pelleted diet.

I haven't noticed any change in his behaviour/temperament/food intake/water intake.
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Hello, thank you for your replies, FaeryBee and StarlingWings, and for the links you posted to invaluable information. I'll be sure to keep them handy!

His name is Octavio! He is a rescued bird, so I'm unsure how old he is. However, he is an adult male, and I have had him for a year.
He has molted twice since I've had him, once during the first month of his rescue in September and once in early spring.

I apologize for the picture; capturing the brown spots on his feather is incredibly hard. You would need to zoom in and look right above his leg.
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