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Bruise on chicks head

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Hi guys!

In my first post here in this forum, I'll get started right away:

After fifteen years of keeping budgies, I started the budgie breeding project this March. I started breeding two pairs, one of which had to be cancelled. One pair (Female about one year old, male about three-four years old) continued to breed and on Monday a week ago the first chick hatched. The second chick hatched exactly two days later. In total, there are two hatched chicks from two eggs (there are always at least 3/4 - 6 eggs, but I explained the two chicks to myself by the fact that there are probably so few simply because the pair hatched for the first time).

The pair currently breeding is in a closed Montana Paradiso 150 cage, no other bird have access to it.

In preparation, I gave them lime additive and germination feed. So far, they have also been given sepia, gritstone and molt salt during breeding (and before!). Now, after about a day, the second chick has developed bleeding on the head. They have not been given an fruits or vegetables (i'm trying since a few years to get used to all sorts of veggies, but to this day they seem to dislike them (not giving up though :D)). The growth seems normal to me (on today's fifth day it is already opening its eyes a little).

Now my question:

Have you already observed something similar? I expect every day that chick no. 2 will not live any longer as I cannot imagine that such a head injury is survivable. The pattern extends sideways to just before the eyes and in a line across the head to just before the nose. It is somewhat raised.

I have already consulted a specialised avian veterinarian about this (Dr. Christen, Winterthur). She advised me not to do much and to observe it. Since the little one had already grown a bit and was already opening its eyes, it was possible that it would get by.

I am more than happy to answer your questions and of course always open to suggestions for improvement.

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With best regards from Switzerland,
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Oh my goodness poor little baby!!! I have no experience I am just wondering if there are any updates??
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It is alive and has grown noticeably since the last few days. I really hope that it is purely external and that it will dissolve in the next few days. It is still being fed in an exemplary way and I hear it peeping and begging for food from time to time. At one point, one of its legs trembled noticeably. Unfortunately, I cannot exclude the possibility of late neurological consequences at the moment, but I am prepared for anything and will support him accordingly.
I am so happy to hear that💗 sounds like more time and lots of love is needed. I hope it is ok I am saying prayers for the sweet baby to heal
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I am so happy to hear that💗 sounds like more time and lots of love is needed. I hope it is ok I am saying prayers for the sweet baby to heal
I'll tell her/him right after I get home :D
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It has a full goiter and is seemingly quite well.
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That surface they are on looks awfully dirty and filled with fecal matter, if that is what I see you need to keep their environment much cleaner and make sure that the fecal matter does not get caked onto the chicks.
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The breeder I'm in contact with said I should let it be and do as little as possible around the nest in the first two-three weeks, but I'll give i t a good clean anyway. Part of it is also from the "milk" they've got in the first few days; and they have nice clean feet and round bellys. Thanks for the advice! :)
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He's doing just fine! I'm starting to think he's over the worst. Developing as he should, growing lots of feathers! He's getting yellow feathers on his wings, its brother / sister will be getting white ones. I'm so curious about their colours 😄😍 (Picture 1 & 2 are from the little "Bruiser" (might call him / her Crusoe (fighter, sounds like Bruiser). 😄 Last picture is from Nr. 1. He / her will be getting white feathers on its wings!
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Oh my goodness oh my goodness!!! I am so happy the lil baby is getting better and growing!! Woohoo! And the second ones eyes are open!!! So sweet I am stoked for you and the sweet babies. Best news today!!!!!! Thanks for the update darlin
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Hi, Welcome to Talk Budgies!

I'm glad the little chick is doing well and hope it continues to flourish.

You want to make sure that you are keeping the nest box clean and dry so that no bacteria can grow and harm the chicks.
Use a safe bedding like pine shavings or aspen shavings. You can find these at any pet store. You can also use dry oats as bedding if you are unable to find wood shavings.

You can start handling the chicks for short periods of time once they are around 2-2.5 weeks old.
Make sure you wash your hands, and that your hands are not cold.
You can hold each one for about 15 minutes at a time, and as they grow and feather up, you can extend this time little by little.
At around 20 days old, the chicks will start to move out of the nest.
At this point, provide them with extra food to encourage weaning and a shallow bowl at the bottom of the cage for foraging.
Handle them as a regularly as you can, and teach them to perch on shoulders and fingers.
Their weaning diet should include a good quality seed mix, pellets, and a variety of vegetables.

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I am so happy to hear that💗 sounds like more time and lots of love is needed.

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I must know! How is little Crusoe getting along?? Hoping things are still progressing nicely💗
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