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Budgie’s poo is Brown

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I noticed today one of my budgies has some kind of Brown like poop. Im so scared, i noticed that he its more sleepy. The problem is that i dont have any avian vets and im scared of what could happen. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!
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Have you given him any new foods? This can change the appearance and texture.

Has he been molting (dropping feathers)?Molting is hard work and can make a bird more sleepy.

How long has the poop been looking like this?

How old is he?

Do you have regular vets nearby? If you can consult with an avian vet online, a regular one may be able to at least do a gram stain. There are also some vets that work in a regular practice that do have experience with birds.

Has their been any change in your home, or new people visiting? If he's feeling stressed that can effect the digestive system's operation.

This link will take you to a page with information helping you locate a vet:
Locating an Avian Vet//On-Line Avian Veterinarian Help

I hope you can find out what might be going on! My thoughts are with you!
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Karen has asked excellent questions.

Additionally, I would like to know how many budgies you have and how long you have had them.

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If there are no Avian Veterinarians near you, the next best option is an exotic pet veterinarian that has experience dealing with small birds.

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So, i did not give him any New foods,.
Yes he is molting ( I think) A lot of feathers are falling when he preens, he definetly doesnt get out New feathers.
The poop its from this morning.
He is about 1 year old
I have regular pets nearby
Any stress might be from him flying in my room for like the 5th Time.
I see he doesnt really have energy, i saw now that when he stays on one feet while cleaning The other one he has a bit of trouble balancing. Should i wait for another day and see how this evolves?

I have 2 budgies right now. They are both males. He really seems that doesnt have energy at all. I put some vitamins in The water. But the orange-Brown poo color its really givong me signs of stress.

I noticed that as Time passes he kinda seems that he gets weaker..
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You need to an OnLine Veterinarian now for advice IF you are unable to find any vets who deal with small birds near you.
We cannot diagnose the problem and you need to consult a professional.
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Did you read the advice I gave you above?

If there are no Avian Veterinarians near you, the next best option is an exotic pet veterinarian that has experience dealing with small birds.
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Sorry, im really scared, no there arent any. Thats why i asked.
Im a minor too so i cant really pay to talk with an avian vet
Then go to a regular vet.

If necessary, s/he can always consult with an Avian Vet via phone, fax, email or video chat.

It is possible your budgie is lethargic since you indicate it is molting.

What concerns me is that you indicated you believe it is “weaker”.
Weakness is different than lethargy.

Budgies generally have a first light molt at around 3 - 4 months old and another at 6 -7 months old.
When a budgie reaches at 1 year old their molts adjust to the Seasons., After the adjustment the budgie will have its big molts in the Spring and Fall. Budgies may also have lighter molts throughout the year; triggered by stress, change in diet or change in environment.

You can supplement your budgie’s diet with egg food during a molt.
This helps your budgies replenish the energy lost during the time they lose and grow in the new feathers.
Additionally, egg food promotes good and healthy feather growth.
It is possible to buy ready-made egg food at any specialized pet store but just as easy to make your own by hard boiling an egg and mashing it up.
If you wish you can mix it with a bit of cooked quinoa and flax seed.
You can also finely chop some veggies and add it to the egg food mix.

If your give your budgie cooked quinoa, be sure you rinse it well several times before cooking.

Budgies get itchy during their molt, so they'll preen and scratch more often. Additionally, they may be sleepier and quieter as molting takes a lot of energy, and their poop could be a little runnier. To make them more comfortable, you can offer them baths either in a shallow dish of water (or Lix-It bath) or by hanging wet greens (romaine lettuce or kale works best) in their cage so they can nibble on it and rub against them.

Molting FAQs
Miserable Molting

Please try to calm down.

Your stress and upset is just going to stress out your birds. They react to our emotions.

There is a chance the abnormal poo is just a one off. He may be perfectly fine.

Is he sitting all fluffed up and not moving
Or, is he eating, drinking and moving around normally?
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Thank you so much faerybee❤
It probably is molt because i saw in the last week like 2 tail feathers and around 4 flight feathers around the cage( they are his feathers) . The thing is that The other budgie is fine, sings, plays. I saw that when The other one plays he comes close and '' plays'' with him too. A problem could be that mine are super picky and never ate fresh veggies or fruits. Only dried. Maybe not having enough good food could give him this vibe? I Will try and GO to a vet today, if i cant... I will try tommorow

He pooped 3 Times The same(that color, texture) right now he stays fluffed up.
When The other male goes to eat he comes to eat as well. Same with The water.
It will be best to take him (name?) in for a checkup to ensure he is fine.
Hopefully, the issue is the molt and diet.

See what you can do about getting an appointment today or tomorrow.

Try to locate a vet that has experience dealing with small birds.

Keep us posted on his condition.

Best wishes! 💜💜
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Im handfeeding him right now some pellets and he seems excited(follows me)
He still poops The same..
Altough when i stop hand feeding him he gets in that ''sleepy style''
Im so thankful u help me trough my budgie journey❤
As everything started to look better, him having a bit more energy, playing more. I saw him vomit. Everytime when something starts bad it needs to end badly :(
What should i do now?
Is he vomiting or regurgitating (in the way a mama bird would feed babies)? When they vomit they will often shake their head to get all the gunk out, and will often end up with the ick on their face. Can you get a picture of him at this time? When all is said and done, only a vet can diagnose and treat a pet. No one here is qualified to do this, but we can suggest questions you can ask a medical proffesional.

I hope your little sweetie starts to feel better. Please keep us posted on his progress and what the vet has to say 💞!
He vomits, he mostly stay puffed up..
Now i noticed that when he eats seeds, he chews them up, throws The husk than quickly spits The seed whole. He still eats pellets so for now he cant starve..
Make an appointment with a vet as soon as you can. He definitely is ill if he’s vomiting.
Keep him quiet, don’t be trying to play with him, let him rest.
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Allright, i will let him be.
Now he is pretty active. Doesnt stay puffed up. Tommorow i Will 100% got to a vet. Wish me luck :D
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I went to The vet.
After i said all, that The poo its.. And..
He vomited.
They asked me if i feed him fruits and veggies. Unfortunately he never swallowed any fruit or veggie so i said no. Then they said that could be The Cause. They gave me some vitamins in a syringe. They said i need to give him those vitamins and try to feed him fruits or veggies. Do u think its an ok advice or he really is ill and needs medicine?
Actually this could be The cauze cuz yesterday he couldnt eat any seed. Spit them immediately
When a bird is vomiting it is usually an indication of an infection of some type in the GI tract, without doing any tests on the droppings you cannot know.
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I gave them some droppings because they asked. Right now he looks much better. The droppings came to normal color and texture. For now ill leave it be. If he gets in that motion again i will maybe go to another vet. He vomited yesterday once, for now he is fine.
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