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Budgie’s poo is Brown

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I noticed today one of my budgies has some kind of Brown like poop. Im so scared, i noticed that he its more sleepy. The problem is that i dont have any avian vets and im scared of what could happen. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!
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Something interesting to Point is that in the past he only ate The seeds from The feeder.
Now he only eats The pellets and avoids The seeds!
Could it be a liver problem or something?
Without any testing you cannot be sure, however, a bird on an an all seed diet is more prone to fatty liver because of the fat content of the seeds and seeds are also deficient in some vitamins, if you are feeding a good quality pellet and the bird is actually eating them then that would result in a more balanced diet. Many birds that are converted from seeds to pellets will have brownish droppings but they should not be runny.
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Budgie update!
He recovered!
Doesnt stay puffed up anymore, started to sing! He didnt for almost 2 days..
His feces are normal now, dark green with a White spot, doesnt vomit anymore. I asume that in The vitamins The vet gave me, there was some kind of antibiotic that helped..
I will still give him The vitamins as The vet said. So, i consider that The forum can end here. Thanks SO Much Codi,FaeriBee and Karen(hopefully i wont upset you The say i said it). Again Thanks so much guys, you really helped me!
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I’m glad your budgie has recovered.
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