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i've had my male budgie (andrew) since December last year when he was about 3 months old so about 6 months now. he's very tame and bonded to me.

Last month, I got another male budgie (adam). He's now tame and has learnt to step up. I tried to introduce both of them last week. I let them observe each other for about 8hours in my room and they seemed pretty interested in each other (chirping to each other) so I let them out of their cages. But as soon as i opened the cage, andrew kept lunging at and flying at adam, even bitting me whenever my hand went near him, and it was a pretty hard bite, which is unlike his usual self...This has happened multiple times now. Adam seems fine with andrew though.

for context they are in separate cages and rooms now, andrew is very sweet when I play with him separately. he just becomes aggressive to both of us as soon as he sees adam.

any advice on how I can better introduce the both of them? is andrew jealous, and what should i do when he starts becoming aggressive, should i get both of them back in their cage? he's had interactions with other budgies before i got him though.

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Not all budgies get along.
Andrew is obviously unhappy at no longer being the "only" budgie. He is acting out by being aggressive and territorial.

You can keep Andrew and Adam in separate cages in the same room where they have one another for company, but do not give them out-of-cage time together.
When budgies are as aggressive as what you have described, you cannot take the risk of one being seriously injured or killed.

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