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Hi all :) I'm new here and also pretty new to owning budgies,
I've racked my brains trying to decides what varieties my budgies are and cannot work it out for the life of me :eek: lol so If you could please give me a little help going by my descriptions of my budgies to understand abit more about their colouring and markings I would be ever so grateful ;) I will hopefully be able to upload pictures within the next few days.
here it goes.....

My first Budgie "Boody"
So he's got a yellow head,tail feathers, wings and back. A greeny/grey chest.
White cheek patches, no throat spots, White rump and tips on the wings. His wing markings are a similiar greeny/greyish colour but paler, and get slightly darker at the edges. He has a dark Iris.

My Second Budgie "Chico"
He has a yellow face, with green wings with yellow around the edges and black wing markings and head markings. His body is a meduim green colour with splodges of blue throughout his chest and back. His iris is white.

My Third Budgie " Lemony
She has a pale greyish/green body. A yellow face and wings. White and grey tail feathers. Brown wing and head markings. Brown throat spots and pale bluish cheek patches.

My Fourth Budgie " Skylar "
She is white with a pale grey rump and under belly. Grey Tail feathers. Brown throat spots and Grey cheek patches. and her wing and head markings and pale brown but they are not all over her wings and head but instead placed randomly over her body.

My Fifth Budgie "Rayne"
He has a mauveish colour chest with a white head , wings and tail. His wing markings are barely there and get slightly more visible towards the edges. It looks as though he has white wings with bluish/grey wing marking. he has very pale colour head markings and has a "V" shape on his back with no markings at all. his throat spots and pale grey/blue and his cheek patches are medium blue colour.

If you could help me That would be great thanks so much :D:D
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