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Hello All,

I have a budgie pair the hen started laying eggs last month 23/082022 and by 27/08/2022 it had laid up to 4 eggs. But now its been almost a month now but still none of the eggs have hatched. As per the below link I understand that the eggs should have hatched between 18 - 23 days. Momma hasn't pushed any egg out of the pot and also this is the first time she has laid the eggs.

I also took the eggs and placed above mobile flashlight but I couldn't see any life for all the four eggs. What should I do now?


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Remove the pot and do not put it back in the cage, and dispose of the eggs. Please read the info in these links

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The purpose of this forum is to promote the BEST PRACTICES in the care of budgies for their optimal Health and Well-Being
Locating an Avian Veterinarian

When you have mixed genders, it is very important to do everything necessary to prevent breeding.
Budgies are much healthier and happier when they are never bred.

A Heartfelt Plea to All Members
Tips For Discouraging Breeding
Before You Ever Consider Breeding Your Budgies
Guidance for Breeding Advice Threads

How large is your cage?
How long have you owned budgies?
How old are your budgies?
Why did you allow them to breed?

It is VERY important that you remove anything in the cage that can be used as a breeding site.
Pots of the type you put in the cage should NEVER be used.
Rearranging their cage frequently will help tremendously.
Please be sure you never put a nest box or anything that could be used as a nesting site in their cage.
When they come into condition, you need to limit the light they get to 8 hours a day and limit the amount of protein in their diet.

Please utilize the resources in this forum to learn how to give your budgies the best care for their health and well-being.
Essentials to a Great Cage

A Healthy Diet for your Budgie
Quality Seed Mix
CuttleBones, Mineral Blocks and Manu Clay Roses
Safe Foods for Budgies
The Truth about GRIT

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A Heartfelt Plea to All Members
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Guidance for Breeding Advice Threads
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