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I have 2 parakeets. They are 4 and been in at least 2 homes before I got them. Last home they were fed mostly sunflower seeds and no veg. Now they get harrisons pellets a parakeet seed mix and carrots and kale most days (that is all the veg they will touch) only started to like kale recently so was mostly carrots they ate at first.

Should I add in Calcivet? Is it better to add to food or water? I'm worried that they will smell/taste it and not eat/drink.

Also this morning I noticed some food in poop. One has been to the vet recently for a respiratory infection and now on daily antibiotics and anti inflammatories for 2-4 weeks...think it was from him...should I add avipro supplement and how often should this be given? Been getting mixed reviews from people online.

The other bird sleeps just about all day...he is losing so many feathers each it normal for them to sleep alot when molting?

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I would not add Calcivet or anything else unless the vet thinks there is a need for it or gives consent, especially when being treated with medication for illness. When you say you noticed food in the poop, is it whole seeds that you saw and if so are you sure that it was actually in the dropping and not just seed that may have fallen onto the dropping? It is possible that the bird has a digestive issue either due to the medication or lack of digestive enzymes, also sometimes if a bird has an Avian Gastric Yeast infection it will pass whole seed in the droppings, has the bird ever had a gram stain test on the droppings?
It is common for a bird to be less active when molting and sleep more, extra protein can help, I give my birds shredded hard boiled egg white, you can also buy commercially prepared egg food that is made for birds. Here is a link to some additional info on molting. Molting FAQS

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